MAY 2021

MAY 26, 2021 

Jen Showalter, along with numerous parents speak out 


We the People gathered in mass to speak before the School Board on their CRT rhetoric, namely their "equity" and "white advantage" terms. However, as many pointed out, you can change the terms by rewording, but the ideology remains the same. We called in and many parents, including Jen, spoke out on why that is political speech which has no reason to be part of the school system policies or procedures. 

MAY 28, 2021

Showalter and citizens peacefully protest against Board's Mandate hints.


Parents, grandparents, and concerned citizens gathered outside the PBSD building Friday afternoon to express their desire for choice. They were concerned about many topics, including the CRT language  used by the board and the hints at a return to the mask mandate. The next issue of concern was the discussion by the board on the idea of segregating students by vaccinated and non vaccinated status. The citizens of PBC find that repulsive, and a huge step back in the idea of civil liberties and rights. ANY form of segregation is WRONG.