AUGUST 21, 2021

Jen attended the Parents' Choice Rally with around 100 citizens.
Around 100 concerned parents, teachers and community members rallied together off PGA Blvd to express their deep concerns on this latest unlawful policy passed by the Palm Beach School Board. 

August 20, 2021

Jen Showalter was guest on the Sam Sorbo Show addressing the latest unlawful mask mandate

Jen was invited to talk with Sam Sorbo on her podcast, The Sam Sorbo Show, regarding the August 18th School Board Meeting. You can listen to the recording,  by going to her website, or through Apple Podcast.


Dan Bongino Show on Fox Nation: Thursday, August 19, 2021
Dan addressed the tyrannical mask mandates that families in Palm Beach County are facing. He also announced Jen Showalter running for School Board. Dan had a large segment devoted to Palm Beach County as well as an expert on Covid and Masks, who talked at great length about the adverse effects of masks. Check out the Uncut version for Palm Beach County, and the highlight version for quick jump to the mask section. 

AUGUST 19, 2021


Wellington, Fla. — On August 18, the Palm Beach School Board broke State Law, voting to eliminate the opt-out option, requiring all students in the Palm Beach County School District to wear masks starting Monday.  Only a federally approved doctor’s note will exempt a student from the mask requirement.


Superintendent Burke stated at the end of the meeting that,  “We say that we’re going to adhere to different, ah, protocols, including the Department of Health, CDC, State and Local guidelines… You may want to strike that whole paragraph at this point [other members recorded giggling]. We’re making up our own rules [chuckles].”


“The school board has broken State Law,” said Showalter. “This violates rulings from the Florida Judicial System, the Parents Bill of Rights which was passed by the State Legislature, and the Governor’s Executive Order. The Department of Education just held an emergency meeting this week about several counties, including Broward, that made the same violation. The State Board voted unanimously that those counties were indeed in violation of the law, and are required to come under compliance.” 


Showalter continued, “They forced children in attendance last night to wear a mask, regardless of the parents’ right to opt out. That begs the question, did they already have a decision made, prior to the vote? And how would they have communicated, considering that Sunshine Law is in place? There was no public meeting about it.” 


Showalter suggests the following action steps for parents. First, call and email the State Board of Education, the State Legislatures, Governor DeSantis, and the Department of Health, with information regarding the Palm Beach School Board decisions. Next, sign up to speak at the next board meeting. Showalter also suggests peacefully assembling to hold rallies on street corners throughout the county.  “We are a Constitutional Republic, not a Marxist totalitarian state. If the school board does not like the laws, they can use proper legal avenues to work on changing those laws. They are not above the law. It is time for citizens to stand up and speak out for our rights and our system of government. We can make a difference if we work together.”


For more information, visit the campaign website at or email





Jennifer Showalter’s mission is to return the voice and authority to the citizens through transparency, communication with parents and accountability, to ban all mandates, to eradicate indoctrination and restore curriculum refocusing on ACTUAL academics in a positive environment of personal responsibility and strong work ethic.

AUGUST 18, 2021

Jen Showalter spoke before board at both workshop and board meeting

Jen spoke at both the workshop and the board meeting on Wednesday. Topics included a demand for community involvement with redistricting, addressing the harassment unequal treatment of unvaccinated versus vaccinated employees, the unlawful use of mandates and the gross harm inflicted to students based on confusing and ambiguous quarantine policies that do not reflect the DOH guidelines.

August 12, 2021

Jen Showalter was guest on the Sam Sorbo Show addressing concerns facing our education system

Jen was invited to talk with Sam Sorbo on her podcast, The Sam Sorbo Show. You can listen to the recording,  by going to her website, or through Apple Podcast.