is teaching
to mediocrity,

it is not
to excellence.

According to Florida DOE, whites make up 28.9% of our district’s student population, making them a minority since traditionally labeled minorities total 71.1%.


The Florida DOE pushes CRT, despite Gov DeSantis.

We’ve got to eradicate political indoctrinations that have invaded our system. 

We should be teaching children HOW to think,


to think! 

Education, not indoctrination.




People ask what CRT means. People don’t know the harm of words like “equity”, “civic engagement” or “action civics” thinking they’re nice words, but aren’t. Dr. Alveda King said, “CRT is racist. We are all part of One Human Race.” CJ Pearson said, “CRT won’t make America less racist. It’ll just create a new generation of racists. Anti-white racism is still racism.” The system pushes CRT, the very ethnic and racial discrimination civil rights leadership fought. 


CRT is an offshoot of Marxism and communism. John Dewey, an early fan of the Soviet Union, wrote in 1928, “The traditional customs and institutions of the peasant, his small tracts, the influence of the home and church, all work automatically to create in him an individualistic ideology. Hence the great task of school is to counteract and transition those domestic and neighborhood tendencies.” Dewey’s blatant statement is the Marxist view of what public schools should be and in fact now have become. This ideology was further developed in a manifesto written in 1937 by a group of academics at The Frankfurt School. They escaped during WWII to New York and landed at Columbia University where they went underground, incubated within the world of academia and started indoctrinating class after class of university students. 


The are several key principles of CRT. 

It says the most important thing about you is your skin color and that defines you as a person. The school board’s mission and vision statements all revolve around race. 


CRT sees America at its worst and wants you to see her that way too. The district is fixated on historical racism and refuses to acknowledge that any progress has been made over the past 60 years. They insist it’s the same if not worse.


CRT says there is no absolute truth—only competing narratives. That lived experiences matter more than facts. Their statement reads, “Elevating under-represented voices” and “embrace and honor their unique cultural histories”… but where is Italian American month, or Scottish, Celtic, French, German and Swedish American months? 


CRT says you are an oppressor or a victim, singularly based on prejudgements according to your skin color. If you’re white, you’re racist. If you’re a minority, you’re a victim of a rigged system. This is clearly defined in the school district’s language, even with the term “white advantage” scrubbed from the text.  That’s the old Marxist dichotomy of “victims” and “oppressors” along racial lines, replacing bourgesoise and proletariat with white and black. 


CRT rejects America’s Founding Principles. America is based on individualism, equal justice under the law and objectivity. CRT revolves around the idea there is no universal truth, that there is no equal justice and as long as the original principles remain, racism will continue to perpetuate “white supremacy.” 


CRT discourages achievement and fractures society by undermining the concepts of personal responsibility and self reliance.  They tell minorities that everything that happens to them is caused by white supremacy. What is the point of working hard when success will always be out of reach? It explains why so many young minorities are regressing academically. It keeps the cycle of poverty on an endless cycle.  


As with any opposing army throughout history, they uses codes to communicate.

They use innocuous words in the opposite meaning of intention. We broke the code and have the key. I don’t have time to explain them all, so you can look through the provided terms in the link above,  and be sure to learn these key words, including: 

Action Civics, Culturally Responsive Teaching, Inclusive, Social-Emotional Learning, Diversity, and Intersectionality.  


I do need to stress the difference between Equity and Equality. They are NOT the same.

Equity is the process with the ultimate goal of using force to ensure equal outcomes for all groups REGARDLESS of merit or effort. Say a teacher announces a test. Some students go home and others go party instead. Next day they take the test. The teacher collects them, immediately hands them back, declaring they all got C’s.


Equality on the other hand, treats all the students the same, regardless of race. Every student is given the same opportunities but it is up to the individual to make the most of it. It is providing everyone the same opportunity, receiving the same computers, solid curriculum and proficient teachers. It frees us to use our talents and natural desire without restrictions, along with a strong work ethic to reach our potential. 

We aren’t living in 1863.

We aren’t living in 1963.

We already have Constitutional Amendments and laws against racism. There are still problems to be overcome, yet you are trying to deny over 60 years of substantial progress.


Some of the board members have spent decades on the board, working in education up to 44 years. That means the board's claim of systematic racism would mean the blame fails DIRECTLY on their shoulders. Say their assertion is correct, then THEY allowed employees to act in a racist manner without termination. THEY created the policies, the procedures and selected the curriculum.


Where’s the documented evidence from completed state investigations to validate the board's assertion of systematic white advantage and racism?


Why can’t the public access that data? 

In fact, by applying their new Equity policies, the district will be in fact violating a multitude of American civil rights laws by treating people differently according to race.


The School District is LITERALLY telling students that they can’t do it on their own and only the schools can fix it. Their Vision statement includes, “The School District WILL TAKE OWNERSHIP for students’ academic mastery, emotional intelligence, and social-emotional needs.”


The State banned CRT, yet they have not revised their vision and mission statements. What does their mission statement tell us: That they want our kids to be useful idiots, not responsible adults, and they want them to be dependent on the state and redistribution, not self initiating and self sufficient. 


They want Group Think, not Critical Thinking. SEL and CRT eliminates thought, it’s just stimulus, response, stimulus, response using a methodology of both opening the students’ minds and insisting on their obedience, surrendering to indoctrination and conformity. 


They want conformity, not individual expression. No innovation, no creation, no competition, no thinking outside the box. There’s no room for individuality. These are all core elements of CRT. 


You can find CRT messages throughout social media posts from teachers as well as the 1619 Project and the Lincoln Project, rebranded as the Franklin Project. They  are developing a civics curriculum for K-12 to provide free to school districts.


All these issues have created decreasing student academic performance. 

It is time to stand up for FACTS. It is time to root out indoctrinations. It is time to make sure every student knows they have equal access to curriculum, teachers and equipment. It is time to create an environment of