When you teach people what to think, not how to think,

they won’t question what you do.


How do those who want to fundamental change America control education? Through the Trojan horse formally known as academic curriculum. Not only are many teachers covertly injecting their own agendas and faulty methods, but the curriculum is infected with CRT, anti-Americanism and sexualization, using pornographic books and websites focused on non-academic subjects which are really under the parents’ purview. It’s using online programs like BrainPop that shame white children and spread outright propaganda. Instead of learning math, it’s gender identity. 


I encourage you to get a copy of Rebecca Friedrichs’ book, Standing Up To Goliath. She was the key note speaker at Freedom Works’ BEST conference last March in Nashville that I attended. As a former California Public School teacher, she knows the rank depths of depravity that they’re drilling into the children. She provided evidence of websites most California districts use, specifically geared for students, which explain how to have threesomes, how to get help changing their gender without parental consent or knowledge, sexting, the use sex toys and more. They even provided these elementary age children with their top five “resources” to help with mental and sexual health during the pandemic. #5 encouraged students to “Go online to meet all the “sex experts” that social media is full of.” Let me tell you, this was presented over dinner… and it was so explicit that most of us where trying not to have our food make a second appearance.


And it’s not just California. It’s everywhere. 


One other piece of the puzzle that can’t be ignored is Common Core. Its main objective at heart is to determine who controls education.


Part of that control is actually dumbing down the curriculum, because when you teach people what to think, not how to think, they won’t question what you do.  Fairfax County’s magnet, Thomas Jefferson HS, has been nationally ranked number one for years, but this year they switched from a merit based admission to a lottery system because they said,”there were too many Asians and not enough blacks.”


Districts are eliminating higher level maths until Junior year, killing most students’ chances to reach Calculus and affecting college applications.


It’s all in the name of equity…. Pulling down others in the name of fairness.