Every single RCT ever performed on mask usage and prevention of infection for laboratory-confirmed flu, colds, or other respiratory viruses shows that masks are ineffective.  Zero RCTs showed that masks prevented illnesses.


Parent have the right to make the decision regarding their children, ESPECIALLY any medical decisions. That is NOT the school system's right or responsibility.




To write policy that prohibits any future actions like

mandates that are unconstitutional,

and go against individuals' rights. 


It really isn’t about our health, it’s about control. The methods they’re implementing, especially on our children, are textbook marxism. Specifically, it’s a global totalitarianism state called communitarianism. It’s rooted in an overreaching political and social philosophy that says the individuals rights have to be balanced with the rights of the community. Whereas our Constitution guarantees us individual rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. With communitarianism, we don’t know what the community’s rights are, because they’re not delineated or written anywhere. They’re amorphous rights, constantly shifting and transforming into whatever they say, whenever they want. And who actually speaks for us? Think you’re going to balance your individual rights for the rights of the Community, but guess what? The individual ALWAYS loses.

So that spotlights how these mask mandates directly negate Parents Rights, as well as Constitutional rights as shown by the recent Florida JUDICIAL SYSTEM ruling. They declared mask mandates cannot be reinstated. Specifically, the Judges in the First District declared that Governmental mask mandates are unconstitutional. In his ruling, Judge Tanenbaum highlighted that, “The right to be let alone by government does exist in Florida, as part of a right of privacy that our supreme court has declared to be fundamental. Under this construction, a person reasonably can expect not to be forced by the government to put something on his own face against his will”.


The district ignored that right by denying all medical exemptions. I talked with hundreds of ESE parents, and not one had their exemption honored, including my two special needs sons.  It’s ironic, since the district sometimes denies ESE students medical devices at school, yet demand a medical device be applied to their bodies without their consent. 


I’m immunodeficient & take this seriously. As such, I did my homework. I’ve spent 100s of hours talking to local EMTs, nurses, doctors, watching videos and reading research papers. Parents have presented thousands of scientific references to the school board on THE EVIDENTIARY SCIENCE that proves masks DON’T PREVENT THE SPREAD OF COVID, but actually cause short and long term damage. I asked them in May to provide me their data on mask effectiveness and safety. I’m still waiting. 


Here’s a few examples of data formally presented to the board.


A recent study of  900,000 NC students found only 23 cases of Covid. A Nebraska study of 20,000 showed only 2 cases.


Dr. Griesz-Brisson, Neurologist and Neurophysiologist said masks effects our brains causing short and long term damage stating that neurodegenerative diseases take years to decades to develop and lost nerve cells will no longer be regenerated. That means their policies are causing LONG TERM PERMANENT NEUROLOGICAL DAMAGE to almost 200,000 children.  


A Harvard Study showed mask breathing raises CO2 levels and reduces cognitive ability by up to 50%.


The University of Florida’s mask research findings were huge.  Parents sent six face masks to the University of Florida’s Mass Spectrometry Research and Education Center for analysis.  The masks were either new or freshly washed, then worn 5-8 hours at school. The resulting report found the masks were contaminated with bacteria, parasites, fungi, including three with dangerous pathogenic and pneumonia-causing bacteria. NO viruses were detected. Tuberculosis, meningitis, diphtheria and more, on the other hand, were found.


The randomized clinical trial (RCT) is recognized as the most credible research design for clinical investigation. Every single RCT ever performed on mask usage and prevention of infection for laboratory-confirmed flu, colds, or other respiratory viruses shows that masks are ineffective.


There were hundreds of local parents who brought documented evidence of the personal effects on their children. Reports of headaches, nervous system changes like coordination, cognitive abilities, visual acuity, trouble breathing, major skin injuries, vomiting, passing out, depression, massive drops in grades and the ability to concentrate, terror at being punished and life threatening lung infections. There have been similar reports all across the country. 


We’ve exposed the board’s hypocrisy, violating their own policies going mask free at events like the FLORIDA SCHOOL BOARDS ASSOCIATION CONFERENCE in TAMPA.  Just last week, District 1’s Barbara McQuinn spent more than five minutes talking with her mask under her chin, meanwhile two parents were escorted out for having their mask under their nose.


They want covid testing performed, denying the data.  A French Study showed 35 cycles have a false positive rate as high as 97%. PCR tests in the US run at 35-45 cycles.  It picks up dead nucleotides, not the infection. Basically a can of coke can test positive. In fact, the FDA announced on the July 21st that the CDC PCR test for COVID-19 had failed its full review and they prefer laboratories to use a method that can facilitate detection and differentiation of SARS-CoV-2 and flu viruses.


    The board hints at requiring vaccines even though most age groups have a 99.98% recovery rate. For under 18 that also means without ANY TREATMENTS. People were outraged after a CH 12 news post, later taken down, reported the board met with the CMO suggesting segregated classes based on vaccination status. Be wary. The District of Columbia was handed multiple lawsuits for allowing kids 11 and under to get vaccinated without parental consent or knowledge. 



Let’s put it all into perspective: 331 kids total nationwide have died of covid. In 2019, over 670 died from Pneumonia, 2,000 in car crashes and 1,000 from drowning. 


The board implicitly trusts the CDC, but they make up their rules, and had to admit to counting 80,000 Florida pneumonia and flu cases as Covid. They flip flopped on the link to heart inflammation with vaccines. 


The CDC and American Academy of Pediatrics are funded by Merck, J&J & Pfizer. Connect the dots. There’s a new lawsuit against the Department of Health and Human Services. A CDC computer programmer gave a sworn affidavit showing there are at least 45,000 actual VAERS Covid vaccine deaths. Typically over 50 deaths will halt a vaccine in the U.S. 


VAERS, Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, accounts for 1% of total vaccine injuries. It’s currently reporting over 491,000 reactions with 11,405 deaths, over 36,000 hospitalizations, 62,000 urgent care, over 86,000 office visits, over 21,000 severe allergic reactions, almost 17,000 blood clots and strokes, around 4,400 heart attacks and more.  You can see the complete list at


The board state that they’ll make their decisions based on the science, but as I stated, they refuse to present that science while disregarding all the presented evidence. These facts presented prove it is rational to raise questions about the need for masks and vaccines.  Yet, the School Board directly shames parents, students and staff on this issue.