• I am a proud child of a Retired Air Force Officer.

• My family moved around, but I spent most of my time in Northern Virginia in the Fairfax County School System.

• Graduate of VA Tech

• Mom of three: all gifted, two with Autism, Sensory Processing Disorder & other conditions. I have a senior, a sophomore and a fifth grader. 

• Spent over 20 years as a Graphic Designer, Art Director in advertising & marketing fields.

• Business Owner (Two: graphic design & Essential Oils)

• Parent Advocate, Reading Advocate & Community Volunteer
MIDDLE PHOTO: I have been on the frontlines... literally, fighting for parents' right to choose, for board accountability and transparency, communication with the community and against CRT. 

BOTTOM PHOTO: I have gone through several seminars, bootcamps and events. This was after training at the BEST Conference, under FreedomWorks, in Nashville. 


Mom • Business Owner • American

I’m not a career politician.

I’m a mom who believes

the power belongs to the people.


The school board should represent & be directed by the constituents’ will. Parents have the right to decide what’s best for their child.


I am running for School Board District 6, becuase I see the dismantling of our educational system by members who are not representing the will of their constituents. As a special needs mother, I have seen the failed policies that have had negative impacts on the students and their families.


The forced mask mandate has been a gross overreach of power.


The disregard for state policies and decisions by ramming CRT through under the term equity is abuse of power and does not reflect the core values of our Constitutional Republic, nor the will of the people. The school system's job is to educate, not indoctrinate


No mask mandates.




  • Return the power back to the people: decisions must be made that reflect the constituents' will.

  • Scrub and dismantle the socialist ideology & indoctrination through any programs or curriculum, including but not limited to: CRT, racial equity, anti- American curriculum, re-instituting empirical evidence from experimentation instead of teaching empirically collected evidence through scientific consensus (that is pushed by NEA.) This also includes evaulations and possible employee terminations.

  • Audit and reform all policies, procedure and guidelines, especially in regards to ESE, both special needs and gifted.

  • Reestablish Critical Thinking Skills, Civil Discussion and Debate Skills as mandatory classes for K-12.

  • Reestablish 1st amendment rights to staff and students.

  • Develop and strengthen community relations, including all stake holders in our community

  • Establish transparency in the workings and finances of PBSD, as well as accountability to the school board and the county employees





  • SPECIAL NEEDS ADVOCATE: I have two special need sons. Both of which have High Functioning Autism, Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD), high anxiety and motor planning delay. One son also has apraxia and mild depression while the other also has ADHD, dysgraphia, and Irlene Syndrome. My experiences assisting my sons led my to become an Autism and SPD Advocate, as well as a Parent Advocate. IEP meetings are dysfunctional... I have trudged through them for ten years, so that experience, and the testimonies of thousands of other ESE parents conclude the whole system needs major overhauling in order to better accommodate student needs and parent rights. This also includes the gifted system that has a host of issues that are detrimental to academic performance and student all around growth. I have been walking the streets, contacting law makers and speaking before the board to help us regain our rights and choice making ability. 

  • CHILD LITERACY PROMOTOR: My lifelong love of reading started with the classics, Anne of Green Gables being my favorite. Science proves reading increases learning proficiency overall, reduces stress, increasing empathic ability and more. I became a reading advocate through starting a book review blog over a decade ago in order to discuss various children, YA and NA books in an effort to encourage all age groups to develop a passion for reading through various genres. My goal was to identify books of a multitude of topics so readers of all ages would be more likely to attempt to read on that subject.  

  • BUSINESS OWNER: I have run my own freelance business for decades. I also run my own essential oil business currently through doTERRA.

  • PROFESSIONAL COMMUNICATION EXPERIENCE: 25 years in advertising and marketing fields, understanding communication gaps and developing strategies to eliminate hindrances in between understanding and clarifying communications.

  • BRAND SPECIALIST: I was also a Brand Specialist during my time in the advertising and marketing fields. Part of that job is developing a company's internal brand, which includes logistics, communication structures, quality controls, operation manuals /training support and performance management.

  • LIFELONG USE OF ORGANIZATIONAL AND LOGISTICAL SKILLS: I've been actively using my skills since elementary school as sergeant of the safety patrols, to high school as secretary of my church youth group and CO Editor-in-Chief of the school yearbook, to adult positions like the PTA Board. Besides the business world, I have worked in non profit and educational settings as a volunteer using the same organizational and logistical skill sets that help streamline and simplify logistics.