Our US NEWS & WORLD rankingsof our pre covid 2019 scoreswere utterly unacceptable. PBSD was:  

• ONLY 53% in County Reading Proficiency.

• ONLY 47% in County Math Proficiency 

County College Ready Index was 28 out of 100,


They use the NAEP, or National Assessment of Educational Progress reports.


The 2019 Assessment of Educational Progress, Grade 8 Reading Results uses charts that pit Whites against Hispanics and Blacks. They forget to mention Asians scored the highest and ELL (or English Language Learners) scored the lowest.

All the issues (CRT, SEL, etc)  have created decreasing student academic performance. The district uses disingenuous performance scales and bloated numbers to disguise the real truth.


PBC pushes a 99.4% graduation rate, but our US News & World Report scores had the county high schoolers at a college ready index of 28 out of 100, with a 53% reading proficiency and a Math proficiency of 47%.


We’re not graduating individuals, but clones, who, given the right stimulus, will give the right response. T


hat’s the real reason our country is failing. By focusing on emotion, and not facts, they don’t prepare students for facing worldwide competition.

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