Here’s a quick overview of

the Palm Beach School District.


• 10th largest school district in the nation

88,832 students 

$3.8 billion budget

almost 13,000 classroom teachers with a starting salary of $41,000


almost 23,000 total employees.



To host weekly events throughout the district and online to allow for citizen discussion and interaction.

To redesign the communication pieces, like the website, to include more information with better organization, content and direction.

To champion designating

a specific high school per

county that can be fitted in order to be used in rotation for the Board Meeting. This would allow better access for citizens to attend.

To have meetings at days and times that the public can ACTUALLY be able to attend. 


Having a school board that follows this invading ideology causes chaos and disintegration of the entire school district. That ideology influences all policies, procedures, curriculum, teaching methods and more, which turns into a vicious cycle.


What’s shocking about our district is a lack of structure, with cherry picked and ambiguous policies and procedures.  Superintendent Fennoy tendered his resignation this month. They’ve burned through 3 Superintendents in 6 years, 5 in the past 10, yet STILL don’t have clear hiring policy or procedures for that position. They held a Superintendent Search Workshop where they talked in circles, with no specifics, and then two hours later at the Board Meeting, simply raised one name for the interim position and within seconds, voted unanimously to approve.


The School Board’s lack of communication and transparency is a major issue. There’s great resistance to citizen input. One example is the change they made to policy 1.09 on Committee meetings, where they limited public comment. At the board meeting last week, they agreed to cancel phone in messages and discussed seriously the idea of limiting public workshop involvement. 


So why the cover up? Why hide everything? That creates more questions. Their  communication methods are limited and confusing. From the website and the budget to the upcoming school year mask policy and class materials, citizens are kept in the dark.


Most parents don’t know what their kids are actually learningStudents use online or in school textbooks. Papers sent home are non existent. The silver lining of the lockdown was that through the online classes, it finally allowed parents to see what was being taught. But teachers starting halting class, until parents left the room, and required students to wear headphones in order to listen to class, which removed the ability for others to listen in nearby. 


All the lack of communication and transparency leads to zero accountability. People may not know the whole story, but they know something is wrong.


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