They’ve made everything subjective, even the very definition of science.


We must hold our district leadership accountable for the prescribed teaching methods.

The Learn to Test method leads to students unable to absorb and retain what they are learning. The emphasis on standardized testing focuses on simply passing the test, not truly learning the fundamentals. Students don’t understand the answer they gave, because they don’t understand the construct or the limitations of the equation or question. Classes are rushed because they must get through all the material in order to review for the test.


They teach emotionalism versus fact based learning. A fact is a piece of evidence that can be proved with concrete scientific methods, like observing the water temperature is 83 degrees by a scientist using equipment. Opinion is subjective and mutates.


They’ve made everything subjective, even the very definition of science.


The National Education Association switched the definition of the basis for scientific theory from experimentation using empirical evidence to SCIENTIFIC CONSENSUS.


They teach Social-Emotional Learning: SEL forces the child to see all issues through an emotional lens, often shutting down the right brain to logic and reason. Students can get so emotionally charged that they become unruly, too involved in their emotions, that they can’t express themselves or have the ability to listen to an opposing viewpoint because it doesn’t make them feel better. 


Thousands of teachers around the country, including here in Palm Beach County, are signing a pledge to teach what they think is the correct version of history, rooted in CRT, no matter the consequences. It’s important to note over 90% of teachers nationwide are certified through CRT based universities, and the system continues to send them frequently to CRT training classes, otherwise known as DEI training .